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jenya-steven-7960pintopinterestOur clients usually come to us with a dream, looking for “the perfect wedding day in Ireland.” It’s our job to take their dream and make it happen.  We plan and coordinate every element, unique to each couple, putting together every detail with care, passion, and attention so the wedding day will flow seamlessly and end result will exceed all expectations.

As planners we work together with each couple as a team. We discuss your overall vision, take the time to get to know you and your personalities and the story of how you fell in love. We learn your likes and dislikes, figure out your wedding day “must haves,” and talk about traditions and details to perfectly express your individual style and story. We call, we Skype, we Pin everything together to create a cohesive, focused look.

It helps to compare what we do to the job of a tailor. A bride’s dream wedding is like her dream wedding dress: she has something in mind but needs someone to make it fit her perfectly, a professional with the knowledge and talent to accentuate some details, remove others, and finish a masterpiece designed and created just for her. Similarly, we want to create the perfect custom-tailored wedding for you; don’t just settle for the best thing you found on the rack and hope it fits!

Below are our services outlined to help you decide which suites you best for your dream wedding day.

Contact us so we can talk about how we can best help you plan your day.

Every Step – Planning & Design Services

Our Every Step planning process takes you from “yes” to “I do.” We help you through each element of the wedding planning process, including logistical components like legalities to the more fun details like flowers and wedding cake. We walk you through every step and consult on each decision from vendor, location, logistics, and more. Clients who use this service often say we could not have done it without Waterlily Weddings being there for “Every Step.”

Specifically, we can guide you through:

  • finding and selecting a perfect location in Ireland to host your dream destination wedding
  • defining your aesthetic and style, researching together to develop a cohesive look and color palette for your wedding day
  • discuss decorating details, flower choices, stationary consultation, and more
  • Irish traditions and history you may want to incorporate
  • matching you with the right vendors to deliver your vision
  • selecting the right packages and details to accommodate your wedding party and budget
  • legal paperwork, etc.
  • merging your family traditions and special details into your ceremony and reception to flow cohesively

The end goal will be a perfectly planned wedding, full of unique details that present well and will stun visually, that you can wake up on your wedding day relaxed and excited, confident that the vendors chosen will execute your vision perfectly.

On the Day Coordination

Having a professional on site on your wedding day who is completely dedicated to the smooth running of the day is a huge advantage. A wedding in Ireland is an once-in-a-lifetime moment and you want to know that from the time you wake in the morning someone you trust is going to be responsible for it unfolding seamlessly.

No matter how well a wedding is planned, every wedding will have something. Be it weather interfering or overly zealous pre-wedding celebrations the night before resulting in killer hang overs to self-centered in-laws, we have literally seen and done it all. Our job on the day of your wedding is to take care of everything so you can enjoy your wedding. We are in constant communication with all of the vendors to make sure they are on schedule and working as a team. We are on hand to make any small adjustments due to weather or details changes. We’ve helped write speeches, convinced an uncertain Father of the Bride to proceed with walking his daughter down the aisle (while everyone waited at the altar), found a missing wedding dress left “in a dry cleaners somewhere,” sobered up wedding parties, bought wraps for a chilly bridal party, ran for breakfast sandwiches, and even washed the Mother of the Bride’s hair.

Think of this service as having an extra best friend there for you on the day.

Specifically, this service can include:

  • venue final check the morning of to make sure preparations are well underway and according to your specifications
  • our arrival to your bridal suite the morning of the wedding to help with any details and just be an extra pair of hands and feet to run for something to chip in
  • making sure everything and everyone is proceeding according to schedule
  • we’re there to answer any questions vendors or guests may have so you can have your private time to get ready and enjoy the day without being pestered with questions
  • setting up special details like welcome signs, envelop boxes, etc.
  • styling your ceremony and reception spaces
  • offering emotional support

Again, our goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day. With this service you turn over to us your details and vendor lists, we discuss what you’ve planned and scheduled, and we execute it on the day. This service lets you enjoy your morning getting ready and time with your guests, rather than worrying about small details and fielding questions all day.

Planned Perfection

Some clients are confident in their own planning (perhaps one is a native or Ireland and already familiar with location or family friend vendors) and only need help with on-day coordinating. Others need help with the planning process, but are ok with letting the day unfold as it will. But in truth we find that the majority of our clients need help along the way to plan and research and on the day itself, which is why we offer the best of both worlds in our Planned Perfection package.

Here you get the benefit of our full planning services, where we work together to custom create a bespoke ceremony and reception. Then we arrive bright and early on your wedding day to oversee preparations, check in with vendors, and keep on schedule to keep a seamless flow. With this package your biggest challenge is remembering your passport and the moves for your first dance; we will take care of everything else!

Specifically, this package oversees:

  • the complete planning process, from unique details to vendor selection
  • an open dialogue between us and you to create a bespoke ceremony and reception
  • location selection to host your dream destination wedding
  • research and guidance on Irish history and traditions to incorporate if you wish
  • vendor coordination (both planned and on day)
  • on day coordination of your wedding

From the location to the dress to the ceremony music to keeping everyone on schedule the day of your wedding, the The Planned Perfection package is just that — everything planned to perfection.

Expert Advice

Today’s couples are perhaps more worldly and experienced than their parents and grandparents. They are normally on a career path, have often traveled abroad and enjoy adventure. With this is mind they are excited about the prospect of planning their wedding day in Ireland; all they need from us is a little “expert advice.” With an understanding of your hopes, dreams, needs and budget we can recommend the best wedding professionals in Ireland for your wedding trip and can help you decide on a perfect location and venue.

We are there to help and give you advice on all the elements of the day. From there you can create and coordinate the day yourself.

What else do we do?

The list is endless but here are a few more things we can help with:

  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Next Day Brunch
  • Welcome Bags
  • The logistics of getting guests from A to B and back again
  • A spa day for the girls
  • Adventures for the boys – think clay pigeon shooting, golf, falconry etc.
  • Kids activities during the reception
  • Group “getting to know you” activities
  • Entertainment
  • Babysitters for the children

More questions? Contact us today to discuss!WLW_contact-uspintopinterest