On the Day

Over the months you have loved creating and planning your dream wedding day. You have poured over options and details, contracted, liaised and confirmed every element but with a month to go you are ready to hand the last steps and the execution on the day over to a professional. We love nothing more than taking the potential chaos of a wedding day and turning it into a calm, flawlessly executed, fun day for all involved. To be five steps ahead of the bride and groom, knowing their day perhaps better than them, to take control of all the moving parts allowing you to be present in each moment of the day worrying about nothing but soaking in all the love, friendship and beauty of the day -- that is our “happy place”! 

This service actually starts about 6 weeks out from the wedding, allowing us to help take all the stress away from the final weeks leading up to your wedding.

On the Day service includes

Consultation at 6 and 3 months out to get to understand your day as it is created
Creation of On the Day schedule for couple
Creation of detailed On the Day schedule for vendors
Confirmation of all timings and details with all vendors 1 month out
Management of payments required on the day
On site management and coordination of your wedding day 
Point of contact on the day for all vendors and the venue management team
Overseeing the execution of your vision on the day
Complete piece of time in the final month leading up to the wedding and on the day itself

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