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Meet The Team: 25 Questions with Laura

One of the many details that distinguishes Waterlily Weddings from other wedding planners out there is our amazing team. Not only are we so good at what we do, we’re honestly a lot of fun to work with. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, dedication to our craft, knowledge and work ethic, and also our ability to be positive and connect with our clients. 

We thougtht it’d be fun for our readers and prospective clients to get to know us a bit better! So we’ll be running a fun, casual “Meet The Team” series where we’ll deep dive into everyone’s personalities more, and even get some behind-the-scene takes on what really goes down on a wedding day! 

25 Questions with Laura 

Mishy: “Hi Laura! Ok you ready for this?!” 

Laura: “Yes!”

Mishy: “Ok, rapid fire style, answer the following questions with what first comes to mind. No overthinking! Ok, easy one first and honestl it doesn’t really count as a question haha: What’s your full name?” 

Laura: “Laura Jane Greer.”

Mishy: “Where did you grow up?” 
Laura: “I grew up in the countryside of County Cavan, where me & my friends spent our time trekking through fields.” 
Mishy: “That sounds so lovely! Ok — favorite food:” 
Laura: “I love a burrito bowl!” 
Mishy: “Coffee or tea?”
Laura: “BOTH!”
Mishy: “What’s your favorite flower?”
Laura: “Sweetpea.” 
Mishy: “What’s your favorite movie of all time?” 
Laura: “Little Women.”
Mishy: “What was your favorite holiday you’ve ever been on?” 
Laura: “I have two!! My honeymoon in Santorini and a city break in Copenhagen!!”
Mishy: “Ok, let’s get to know a little more about you! Remember,  first thing that comes to mind! Describe your ideal day:” 
Laura: “Either making brunch at home or going out for brunch, a walk in the forest with my family and ending the day with a great show & takeaway!” 
Mishy: “What have you done for the first time recently?” 
Laura: “Tried Pilates – big fan!” 
Mishy: “What are three things people would be surprised to know about you?” 
Laura: “I used to make wedding cakes, I spent a summer working on Nantucket Island, and I got married at 22!”
Mishy: “These things always have to have this question…. what’s your biggest fear?” 
Laura: “Getting stung/bitten by something in the sea!!”
Mishy: “Books or podcasts?” 
Laura: “Podcasts.” 
Mishy: “Describe your perfect pizza:” 
Laura: “Anything with nduja + hot honey drizzle on it!” 
Mishy: “Ok, not gonna lie, I had to look up what nduja is and it looks amazing and delicious and I need to find some and try it on pizza! Haha. Ok…the really important stuff now: heels or flats?” 
Laura: “Flats!” 
Mishy: “If you could master one instrument what would it be?”
Laura: “Guitar or piano.” 
Mishy: “Favorite part of Ireland?”  
Laura: “Ring of Kerry.” 
Mishy: “Where’s somewhere you want to travel that you haven’t been to yet?”
Laura: “Croatia!” 
Mishy: “Where’s one place people have to go see in Ireland?”
Laura: “Slea Head, Co. Kerry!” 
Mishy:  “Ok, now of course we need to talk about weddings!!!!! What attracted you to the wedding industry and being a wedding planner?”
Laura: “Planning my own wedding sparked the love – I was surprised how ‘easy’ I found it, and realised it was because I’m highly organised, am good at problem solving and can make decisions fast! Making wedding cakes + my husband being a wedding videographer gave me insight into the industry too!” 
Mishy: “What’s your favorite part of being a wedding planner?”
Laura: “Finally seeing the day come to life and watching my couple have the BEST time after all the hard work has been done! I also love connecting with and getting to know other wedding vendors – we place huge value on collaborating with vendors, not dictating how they do their craft!”
Mishy: “What do you wish a couple would do more of on their wedding day?” 
Laura: “Allowing more time in the morning than you think you’ll need – it allows for delays/mishaps etc to happen and means a couple doesn’t need to rush or stress getting out the door to their ceremony. 
Mishy: “What’s your favorite part of the wedding day?” 

Laura: “Bringing the couple in to see their dining space just before we do dinner call! Their reactions make my day!”

Mishy: “What’s the hardest part of your job?” 
Laura: “That I can’t control the weather on wedding days!” 
Mishy: “OMG YES!!!!! Now, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the wedding industry over the years, and covid certainly brought its own set of challenges. Is there anything you would like to see change in the wedding industry?”
Laura: “I wish wedding vendors prioritised their admin a little more! The talent and creativity in Ireland is incredible, but the lack of importance many vendors have on the admin side of their business can really make or break a couples decision to book. Someone who responds to emails in a timely manner, has a contract and an easy payment link to send to clients is really the dream vendor!! I know it can be time consuming and costly for vendors to put systems like this in place, but it has huge value!”
Mishy: “So true! That’s also where us as planners come in, right? We help take over some of that communication, and even help guide clients to the type of vendor that would best suite their communicaation style. How else do you think you help your clients during the planning process?” 
Laura: “In so many ways! I help them think about things they wouldn’t have thought about, take away the stress of replying to multiple vendors by streamlining it to just myself, and we have the local industry knowledge which is of huge benefit to clients living outside of Ireland in particular!” 
Mishy: “Absolutely!! Even now, with technology we still have to content with time zone differences on communication. And having someone on the ground in Ireland to take photos, to track things down, to physically be there to take photos of something a venue has or location and get real-time info that the client specifically wants is invaluable!  Ok, now comes the wedding day itself. You’re also available to be there to support on the day as an On The Day Coordinator. How do you best help your clients on the wedding day itself?”
Laura: “I put out any fires before a couple even knows about them, keep things running on schedule and handle any communications/questions that come from venue/vendors/family/guests so the couple can just enjoy themselves! I know the couple and their day better than the couple themselves usually so I make sure everything is perfect for them! So much of what we do on wedding days isn’t seen!”
Mishy: “So much!!! Thanks for spending some time with me today Laura, and letting us get to know you a bit better!” 

Check out our blog for more of the stunning weddings Laura has helped plan and supported on the day! 


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