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Stylist’s Corner: Our Favorite Trends for 2019

As the 2018 wedding season begins to slow down and we transition into cozy autumn, the wedding world is already busy looking ahead at the trends and ideas 2019 promises to bring! Our lead designer and stylist Mishy checks in and runs down a quick list of trends she hopes clients will consider incorporating into their 2019 dream destination weddings in Ireland!

Deeper, Richer Color Palettes

Gone is the light and airy aesthetic so popular for the past few years.  Designers are indulging darker and richer shades in 2019, especially deep and powerful reds, soothing and gorgeous blues, and cool greys to create emotive color palettes designed to play on the senses.  “We’re seeing a lot of teals, deep rich reds like crimson and brick red, and lots of grey spectrum from light cloud grey to deep, dark charcoal,” says Mishy.  “You can build a palette entirely on these ‘it colors’ or pull out one or two to serve as your base then riff off of that.” It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming color.  “Adding accent colors in bold, deep hues will have a huge impact on your overall color presentation,” says Mishy. “You can keep your palette pretty neutral, but adding that pop of unexpected dark not only keeps the look fresh, but also helps enliven those lighter, neutral tones.”  Inject a little bit of drama with deeper, moodier hues like burgundy, plum, forest green or ivy, a rich navy tone, charcoal, and slate.  When combined perfectly, darker hues with pops of neutral creates an exquisite depth to your color palette.  “I like making the wedding palette season-appropriate;  if you see a blue tone you love, we can riff off of that for your spring wedding for example.”

Refined Rustic

Photo by Sean & Kate Photography

Bye bye barns and buntings and mason jars and burlap!  Couples love a relaxed, more casual setting but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the formality of a having a wedding!! One of the big trends for 2019 is taking a decidedly elegant riff on the rustic theme, bringing in super elegant details like ornate silverware and china into a rustic space, ditching the exposed wood for beautiful linen, using candelabras and dramatic taper candles instead of boring pillar candles, and focusing floral decor on composed arrangements in vases rather than messy garlands.  “I’m really kind of excited to see how clients will interpret this trend,” says Mishy.  “We have tons of options for more casual venues.  I’d love to see a more elegant twist on a pub reception this year!  Or taking a whiskey distillery and decking it out with lots of formal notes would look incredible!  I have tons of ideas and am excited to get started on this trend!!”

The New Bohemian: Nature

Photo by Pawel Bebenca

Gone are the macrame accents and oversized flower crowns. The new expression of bohemian is a healthy dose of nature! Bringing in —  especially in an indoor space — lots of natural elements like vines, ivy, live trees, hanging floral installations, and potted plants dotting staircases draws on that free-spirited bohemian vibe without being literal and obvious.  Hosting your ceremony in a natural setting as backdrop is a super easy (and economical!) way of incorporating this trend, and Ireland is spoiled for options! “The one thing I’d really, really love to see a client do in 2019 is host their ceremony outdoors,” says Mishy. “So many incredible natural backdrops in Ireland from gardens to trees to woodland forests, waterfalls, thousand-year old bridges in a mountain valley…. not to mention gardens, wildflowers, and more. There are so many options and what I love about it is it really sets the mood and ambiance for the event without having to bring in a lot of additional decor! An al fresco style reception in a gorgeous garden or woodland is literally my dream reception for 2019.  If you get spooked by the weather, a conservatory or orangerie with lots of flowers and candles is my second choice.”

Mixed Pattern Place Setting

Photo by Christina Brosnan

White on white “comes with the venue” is out.  A huge new trend in the wedding world is mixing in patterns for the table setting presentation.  Using charger plates not just for color, but for pattern to add an extra focal point to the table or mixing in a patterned or decorated dinner plate or bread plate will add that unexpected pop that will surprise and keep the look modern and fresh. “There are lots of fantastic patterns happening right now.  I’m loving a return to classic, gorgeous plaid or tartan which I think works perfectly in Ireland,” says Mishy. “I love more clean-lined, modern takes on classic patterns like Greek key or the whimsical mixed geometric patterns of Morroccan pottery.  Incorporating patterns exudes confidence and really says a lot about your personality.”

Bridal Party: Mix Matched Groomsmen Attire

We’ve seen bridesmaids do a riff on the mix-matched dresses in color and styles, but poor groomsmen have stayed the same. Not anymore, says Mishy! “I love this trend and I really hope many, many clients really embrace it and have fun with it,” she says.”Don’t be afraid to mix in colors — blue suits from dark navy to lighter blue to blue-grey tones could work very well together.  Or keep the material the same — like velvet blazers — and go for different colors between groomsmen and groom.”

Chrome & Silver

“Vintage gold will always be in style as a classic, but I’m really excited to see silver start to take the spotlight a little bit,” says Mishy. Silver and chrome have a decidedly cooler tone and feel to them — you can keep on that trajectory and create a really stunning palette with blues, greys, greens, and neutral pinks that would look stunning in Ireland. Or use the cooler tones of silver to match against warmer colors with flowers and decor. It’s just as versatile as gold and even easier to find.  “I’d love to see silver incorporated in spring in particular,” says Mishy.  “There’s something about it that reminds me of the rain and we can really work in the right venue and other details to make a really stunning and balanced presentation.  I’m also loving it as contrast to super warm tones and neutrals all year long! Vintage, polished, sleek….so much texture and finish to work with on silver and chrome! I’m excited for it!”

Flower Choice of 2019: Dahlias

Photo via (dlritter)

Flowers tend to rotate in terms of popularity as much as colors do on the wedding scene. We’ve had succulents have their time in the sun (see what I did there?) and greenery both as a color and flower choice. As we transition into 2019, dahlias will take center stage as the premier flower of choice.  Loved for its variety of colors and construction, dahlias are one of the most versatile flowers available to incorporate into your wedding.  From deep dark plum and blood-red hues to ethereal peach-kissed toned, dahlias come in virtually any color. Their shapes and sizes are also wonderful to play with: soft petals to strict, geometric patterns really offer both the designer and florist lots to work with in terms of details. “I’d love to see clients embrace dahlias as a central floral note in 2019,” says Mishy.  “I’d love to see more bridal bouquets and boutonnieres in particular using this very versatile flower!”

That Personal, Unique Detail

“Every wedding is different, and I say this so  many times: it’s the personal touches unique to you both that will set your wedding apart and make it memorable,” says Mishy.  Think about how you can take a detail unique to you both (a favorite place, an inside joke, a detail from how you met, something you both like to do toether, etc.) and figure out a way to incorporate it into your wedding day.  Anny and Brian came up with a brilliant idea to have hand-painted koalas added to the macarons they featured on their dessert table; this was an inside joke between them and their friends and everyone delighted in the unexpected, adorable detail!

Electronic Free

Not so much a design trend, but one worth mentioning as you’re planning your 2019 wedding.  More and more couples are getting frustrated hiring a professional photographer to document their day, only to find half of their photos have hands sticking iphones into aisles or during a kiss and ruining the shot.  Mishy agrees. “One of my biggest pet peeves when I look at galleries. There’s this incredible shot of the bride and groom and it’s gorgeous and then someone’s hand sticking up with a phone in the middle corner.  Awful.  In particular for destination weddings I think as well, many couples want their guests to really embrace the ambiance and setting and just let go for a bit and focus on the present.  Making it an electronic-free zone helps connect your guests to your event and themselves to Ireland which will add to the experience 1000%.  This may be my favorite trend for 2019!”


What’s your favorite trend for 2019? Contact us today to get started designing and planning your dream destination wedding (or elopement!) in Ireland!

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