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Cliffs of Moher: Our Favorite Photos at the Iconic Cliffs

One of our all time favorite locations in all of Ireland is the world-famous Cliffs of Moher.  Located in County Clare in western Ireland, these sea cliffs sour about 400 feet into the sky over the Atlantic Ocean below.  It’s a truly breathtaking place to visit where you feel like you’re on top of the world.  Waterlily Weddings has had the privilege of planning weddings in and around the Cliffs for 12 years (and counting!)  We know some of the more incredible nooks and vista points, perfect positioning and backdrops, and timing of the seasons to get the right weather and natural light to create some absolutely stunning weddings, just like Thema and Jonathan’s incredible elopement pictured above.

We were reminiscing about some of our favorite shots at the Cliffs and thought it’d be fun to share with you as well!  Here, in no particular order, are just a sampling of our faves.  These are real weddings and elopements, so  make sure to check out the links to get more details and inspiration!

The Perfect Spot

Seriously it doesn’t get better than this one.  The day, the colors, the positioning, the weather, the whole thing — this is the quintessential Cliff of Moher photo you want for your wedding day.  There are a few spots along the cliffs that you can take photos, but this particular area is fantastic for a few reasons: (1) the panoramic view you can get; (2) it’s flat ground so you can be comfortable!; and (3) it’s a great mid-height so you’re high enough to get a view around you but still low enough to get some great background shots.  We love these shots at the cliffs by the uber-talented Butterfly Photography of James and Samantha’s wedding day.  Here’s another angle of the same area.  This really is the absolute perfect location at the Cliffs.

We’re excited to share that post soon with you on our blog!

A Dramatic Backdrop


One of our all-time favorite elopements of all time has to be Candace and Jonathan’s last year.  From glorious photo shoot the day before to tear-jerking intimate ceremony at Newtown Tower, their wedding day was really a dream Irish elopement. The shots they created with one of our faves — Awake and Dreaming Photography — are all the more incredible considering Candace and Jonathan are afraid of heights!! Their gallery is a lesson in really embracing the day and working with the entire terrain of the Cliffs, not being afraid, and just really going for it.  These will always be some of the most memorable photos we’ve ever seen!

For more definitely check out the BLOG POST here!

A Unique Terrain

Thema and Jonathan’s elopement is one of the most spectacularly shot elopements at the Cliffs we’ve ever seen. What makes is so great is again their willingness to explore the terrain in and around them, top to bottom. They made their way down closer to the water for some exquisite shots that really showcased the incredible rock formations of the cliffs and the bright lichen that contrasts so uniquely in the photos, again expertly photographed by Awake and Dreaming Photography. This photo’s color composition is lovely — the neutral grays contrasted by that bright lichen is modern and the positioning highlights the unique terrain and backdrop of this part of the world. It’s at once free and romantic. Check out more in the BLOG POST here!

Water as the Background


The incredible soaring cliffs and the greenery aren’t the only incredible details of the Cliffs of Moher. Often overlooked is the Atlantic Ocean below! Especially on a sunny day, you can catch the glistening water as backdrop for some outstanding close-up shots . This captured by Awake and Dreaming Photography is one of our faves!

A Perfect Ceremony Backdrop


The Cliffs are outstanding for any photo op.  We’ve had some clients like Thema and Jonathan be lucky enough to hose their intimate ceremony here.  The incredible natural beauty can’t help but inspire, and serves as perfect backdrop for a traditional spiritual Irish ceremony. Check out more here!

A Walk To Remember

Again, often overlooked is the gorgeous pasture that leads up to the Cliffs The surrounding area is fully lush in green, rock, and wildflowers in bloom (if you can hit the right seasons!) and can make for a picturesque backdrop enough to rival any cliffside shot! We love this one from Butterfly Photography of Samantha and James taking that famous rocky road up towards the cliffs!

Rain or Shine

Everyone dreams of a sunny day for their wedding BUT (seriously hear this now) the rain in Ireland can add the most incredible atmosphere and resulting pictures ever. Brittany and Ryan got married earlier this year and we are so in love with their cliffside photos.  The rain and incredible misty fog really added this incredible feel and backdrop and heightened the photos I think. I love them sitting on the wall by the cliffs — the casual pose is so lovely and you can focus on the clear love they have.  There’s something to just giving yourself to the situation — hey! it’s raining…whatever we’ll go with it! — and really just enjoying the moment and being present with one another.  Really love this day captured by one of my favorite photographers, Navy Blur Photography. Check out more on the BLOG POST here!

Sunshine Glory

dmp-483Conversely, Madelyn and Mike experiences a rare absolutely not a cloud in the sky sunny day for their dream Irish wedding day!! A perfect example of how the sun can completely change the colors, the greens were bright and light and the waters twinkled from deep dark sapphire blue to bright turquoise. They couldn’t even make real use of the matching green wellies for her bridesmaids because the weather was so perfect! For more check out the BLOG POST and video!

The Hidden Gems

One of my all time favorite galleries is actually from the first wedding Waterlily Wedding did on the Cliffs of Moher — Lauren and Jason — 12 years ago!  Lauren  made every bit the perfect Irish bride and Jason the handsome groom, but what I really love about their gallery is how they explored about the cliffs and discovered some really unique parts like hidden caves that really set their gallery apart.

Favorite Black & White

Color is great but we love black and white at the cliffs as well.  The use of backdrop can serve as a neutral but still interesting background while you serve as focal point.  This photo of Thema and Jonathan is just textbook. Well done.

360 Panoramic Backdrop

Again, although the focus is on the water and cliffside views, what makes the Cliffs of Moher area the best is it’s really a 360 degree panoramic spectacular. To the front you have the ocean, the sides the cliffs, behind you the amazing unique topography of the Burren. We love the photos from Jon and Sara’s wedding day, in particular of them exploring the area around the cliffs together.  Sara’s gorgeous red hair set against the backdrop so beautifully, and we love how she actually picked wildflowers to be braided into her hair right from the area! Absolutely in love and inspired by that detail! 

Sean and Kate beautifully contrasted between the wildflowers and the purple in Sara’s color scheme and once again, really translated the haunting beauty from this part of Ireland to perfection. Make sure to check out the BLOG POST here!

Color at the Cliffs

Finally, we love when a couple will embrace a bit of color. The Cliffs of Moher especially can really take on a variety of colors and throughout the season — we love Amanda’s gorgeous dress in a deep claret tone and her fall themed bouquet. It just really stood out against the backdrop so beautifully and we hope inspires more couples to consider embracing a bit of color for their dream Irish wedding day at the Cliffs of Moher!  Photos captured by Sean and Kate (formerly Poppies & Me). And check back this fall for more on the BLOG!


The Cliffs of Moher will forever be that perfect, slam-dunk iconic backdrop for your dream Irish wedding. Be it a romantic elopement to picture-perfect portrait session, a setting for your First Look, or quick excursion with your guests, it is definitely on your list of Must See’s no matter what time of year. Waterlily Weddings has had the distinct honor and pleasure of bringing many couple’s dream wedding days to life at this truly unique location, and we earnestly look forward to helping you plan yours!! Contact us today to get started!

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