Peace of mind
Flawless execution


PLANNED PERFECTION – full service planning

Planning, advising, creating, dreaming and executing every aspect of your wedding day with you. Being there for you every step of the way. Coordinating every detail of the wedding day so all you have to do is enjoy every moment. This is the complete peace of mind service. The ultimate planning partnership.

ON THE DAY COORDINATION – also known as month of coordination

You have planned each element of your wedding day flawlessly. You have chosen and secured your perfect venue and all the vendors to bring your dream to life. Now in the countdown to the day you want to hand the final details, confirmations and the whole seamless unfolding of your wedding day over to a professional. From two months out until you hit the dance floor for your first dance, this service will manage it all.


You need a planning partner to help you visualize, book, tailor and plan all the elements of your beautiful wedding day in Ireland. You want a confident and adviser who can listen to you and help you navigate every aspect of this day you have dreamt of. We will shortlist, book and manage all the wedding professionals involved in your day. Then on the wedding day itself it is over to you!


You are a planner. You want to design, coordinate and manage every aspect of your destination wedding yourself. With an understanding of your hopes, dreams, needs and budget we can recommend the best wedding professionals in Ireland for your wedding vision. We are there to help give advice on all the elements of the day; from there you can create and coordinate this dream wedding yourself.


For couples needing help bringing their vision to life, we recommend our DESIGN and STYLE services. This service is specially tailored to help couples conceptualize a bespoke wedding ceremony and reception, refine details, reflect their uniqueness, and create a complimentary aesthetic presentation on their wedding day consistent with their vision.  We can help you with anything from picking out your wedding invitations, cake designs, accessorizing your look, to figuring out that “missing piece” that’s been eluding you. Just like a personal stylist curates an outfit and matching accessories to make you look your best, we do with weddings.


Our design philosophy is pretty simple:  “expression over impression.”

That means we want to make sure each client feels “expressed” in the elements of their wedding day:  their voice, their style, their story present in little details throughout their wedding which end up making their day feel unique and satisfying.  Impression is just copying work out there and not really having any emotional connection to it.

How A Stylist Can Help

Everyone can benefit from having a stylist on their team during the wedding planning phase. We’re here to bounce ideas off, to give a fresh look on something you’ve been stuck on, and to guide you through the brainstorming process if you need it.  Some couples start out planning their wedding on their own and then become busy or overwhelmed and need someone jump in to help guide them through the process, to tell them what would work in that space, what can be easily sourced in Ireland (versus custom-ordered), etc. and basically reorganize their wedding details back on track. Some have it down, everything sourced and ready to go, and just need someone to show up on the day to make sure everything is placed correctly and all of the menus are straight.

“A wedding planner is like a contractor — they get the materials together, create a timeline, manage subcontractors and budget, and build your house;  a stylist is the interior designer you work with to make everything look lovely.”

We can help anyone from elopements, intimate weddings, to larger elaborate events that span multiple days.  What makes our service unique is we tailor it to what your specific needs are and are flexible to adjust as needed along the way!

The Process

We begin with a consultation where we talk about your general vision, likes and dislikes, style, and talk about the venues you’ve chosen or are considering.  This is usually done over the phone, skype, or email; in-person consultation can be arranged with additional cost.

Based on the consultation we will then build a style proposal.  This document outlines the details of our conversation, color palette, general aesthetic ideas you want worked into the space, and gives an overall outline of how your wedding day will break down. The proposal will also offer some ideas for you to consider that we feel may work in the space such as: room layout, activities, decor ideas, stationary (ex., menus), etc. Please remember that no two weddings are alike — and they really shouldn’t be in our opinion!  — images and mood boards are best used as inspiration for you to take what you love out of them and then build off of that.

The Wedding Brief

You will have a chance to review the proposal and give feedback.  We will continue working together fine-tuning the details until we get the right combination of colors, pictures, and information that accurately represent your vision for your wedding day. This period is the hardest part and takes some time, but is worth the effort.  The proposal will then eventually transform into your bespoke wedding brief — a detailed document visually and verbally outlining every detail of your wedding day organized by element.  This is the ace in your pocket for your wedding planning phase as well as your wedding day proper. The brief will include:

  • pictures depicting your vision
  • verbal description outlining your vision down to the finest detail
  • a custom color palette so you and your vendors can see the overall color scope for your wedding
  • a customized theme to keep the day’s details consistent
  • notes for vendors broken down by wedding element to help them execute your vision
  • any/all information you want and need communicated to your vendors in one, comprehensive document

The Wedding Brief  basically serves as the detailed outline for your day, designed to be circulated among your vendors so everyone can stay organized and consistent with your overall vision.  All you have to do is relax and actually enjoy your wedding day!

Full Service Styling

To get the most out of your wedding planning we highly recommend investing in our Full Styling Service package. This can include:

  • unlimited phone and email communication
  • up to 3 creative sessions to outline your vision
  • creation of your bespoke wedding brief with up to three revisions
  • custom color palette & theme
  • help sourcing vendors
  • help conceptualizing your ceremony (ceremony location, details, decor, ceremony elements, ceremony outline and more)
  • advice on how to incorporate cultural, ethnic, and spiritual traditions into your wedding day
  • help sourcing design elements
  • communication of your design elements to relevant vendors
  • on-day styling services

We realize every couple and therefor wedding is different. Our design and styling services are unique from others out there in that we will create a custom package specifically tailored to your needs and vision, while offering the expert advice that works within your budget.  Contact us today to get more information.