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wlw-faq-left-image3What does the planning process with Waterlily Weddings look like?

1. First off, we are going to need to talk! We call, meet or Skype with you to hear all about your exciting dreams and ideas for your wedding day in Ireland.
2. Then we put together a detailed proposal outlining how we might best be able to help you plan and coordinate your wedding experience in Ireland.
3. Together we revise, tweak and mold our proposal to exactly met your needs
4. We all agree on our commitment to each other
5. We all sign the contract
6. We start actively planning!!!

Do you take commissions?

Nope! Never have, never will. We believe in absolute transparency.

How far in advance do I need to start planning?

If you are hoping to get married in Ireland the Irish State needs a minimum of three months’ notice of your intention to marry in Ireland – we can help you submit this by post. Ideally we love to have 12 months to plan a wedding with our clients so we can really fine tune details and explore options, but we have turned weddings around in 12 weeks!

How long do I have to be in Ireland before I can get married ?

Changes in the Irish Marriage Laws in 2007 mean that you no longer have to be resident in Ireland for 21 days before you are able to marry. Now you need to be in Ireland a minimum of only 5 working days before you hope to marry.

Will you be there on the day?

That is our absolute favorite part of our job – if you want us there we jump at the chance to see everything come together and share the day with you.  Check out our Services page for more information on how we can support you on the day of your wedding.

How much will my wedding in Ireland cost?

That is a hard question to answer as every wedding is so unique. The budget really depends on the type of experience you are hoping for. We can create everything from a grand, elegant castle wedding to a simple wedding blessing for two on the cliffs.  With a little information from you we can create a proposal on how to create your perfect, dream wedding day in Ireland.

Where in Ireland do you plan weddings?

Everywhere!  We have planned weddings in the four corners of Ireland and plenty of places in between!  Indoor and outdoor ceremonies, private estates and land to public areas, ruins to modern buildings, we have done it all and are constantly researching new venues for our clients.

What is the weather like in Ireland?

The winter gets as cold as the low 30’s and the summer can get as hot as the low 80’s. It rains a lot – the average number of wet days (days with more than 1mm of rain) ranges from about 150 days a year along the east and south-east coasts, to about 225 days a year in parts of the West. In general it hovers in the 50s and 60s, and along the coast the ocean breeze may take the temperature down a couple of degrees. To liken it to somewhere in the states, it’s much like the Pacific Northwest both in terms of temperature and rain.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to help!



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