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“We want to do it again, our way. We want to press the pause button, take a moment out, stop time for just one day and say ‘I do’ again. We promised each other one day we would  fly to Ireland to have the trip of a lifetime. We promised we would find our perfect spot and after 10 years say “forever” to the person I love now more than ever.”

Renewing your vows is such an amazing, romantic experience and we simply love renewal ceremonies.  In fact, we love them so much we’ve renewed our vows as well! Michelle celebrated her anniversary with her husband Matt in a gorgeous renewal celebration at Waterford Castle (check out the slideshow above), and Mishy renewed her vows with her husband to commemorate ten years with their children and closest family and friends in a non-traditional Celtic-inspired renewal at Uragh Stone Circle in Kenmare (check out the Porfolio for more pictures).

Celebrating the beginning of a lifetime together feels fresh and new and exciting, but a vow renewal is a deeper recognition of what love means. Usually marking a passage of time, a vow renewal is a couple’s expression of gratitude for one another, a public declaration of their love, a mutual respect for their journey together, and an honoring of those who have helped them along the way. It is more meaningful than a wedding in a way because the couple truly know the meaning of love; they’ve experienced the highest of highs and have supported each other through the lows, working together, crying together, laughing hysterically together for each other’s biggest moments in their life. They’ve learned to work as a team and want to take a moment in this busy life to honor one another again.

Many couples choose to do a vow renewal on their wedding anniversary, taking the opportunity to create a second honeymoon as part of the celebration. Others come with their children, renewing their vows in a fun ceremony where the kids are participants in some of the elements. Others till choose to make a party of it, inviting their closest family and friends for a trip of a lifetime, exploring Ireland together with the vow renewal celebration as the highlight of the trip. Still other couples did not have their dream wedding day, and are bothered by it; maybe something went wrong that day, the pictures didn’t come out right, someone ruined the day and all that’s left are bad memories. A vow renewal can be a chance to right the wrongs and give yourselves the gift of a beautiful meaningful memory you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Waterlily Weddings is very excited to help you plan your dream vow renewal. Our team understands not only the details and logistics of planning an event to perfection, but the undertone of importance for this day. We understand why you’re doing it and are here to make your dreams come true. We can help you create a dream ceremony in a breathtaking location, match you with an expert photographer to capture the day, talk about traditions and details to include and maybe redoing some elements from your original wedding. We love working with kids as well, and are happy to conceptualize a day and weekend where they are having a blast also, participating in the ceremony itself or ringing bells to welcome the bride and even special activities to entertain them as you celebrate with your friends at the reception.

We will treat your vow renewal much like a wedding or elopement, depending on the size and specifications of your party. Your package might include:

  • a spectacular ceremony location
  • bespoke ceremony (spiritual, Irish blessing, etc.)
  • flowers and music for the ceremony
  • celebratory dinner or romantic dinner for two
  • dancing, entertainment, music for your party
  • cakes, desserts, and more
  • kid friendly activities & babysitting services so you can enjoy the evening
  • activities and sight-seeing recommendations for your trip to explore with your friends and family
  • transportation
  • welcome baskets to welcome your guests to Ireland
  • top notch vendors to execute your vision to perfection

Take the time to celebrate each other and your journey together. And there’s no better place to celebrate long-lasting love than in Ireland!



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