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passionate perfectionist. chief organizer. task master.


From the Adriatic to America.

Both of my parents were born on a tiny island in Croatia in the Adriatic Sea (it’s so small it doesn’t even have cars on the island!).  But funny enough, they didn’t meet until they got to the US some years later!  My brother, sister, and I are first-generation born Americans, and have lived on the East Coast our whole lives.  I’m the first in my family to go to college and truly learned my work ethic from my parents — they came to this country with nothing and made a beautiful life here for themselves and for me and my siblings. I speak English and Croatian fluently and love celebrating my culture together with my American traditions and my husband’s Irish ones! I love to dance, spending time with my family, and watching my three kids grow. I’m in full Sports Mom mode when I’m not planning amazing weddings in Ireland, and you’ll often find me at the pool as Swim Team Manager or volunteering at the school. We love to do things as a family, especially supporting each other’s activities and doing charity runs together like the Ronald McDonald Run in Baltimore to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. I love to travel and love to spend my free time at the beach. My dream is to one day one a little piece of property on the beach in a fabulous beach town, maybe even renovating something to indulge my creative side and love of  interior design. Until then, we plan to visit my parents’ island in Croatia and spend many summers there with the kids just like I used to when I was younger.

A New York state of mind.

NYC will always hold a very special place in my heart. I went to college in NYC and it was there I began my career with the esteemed world-famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I began as administrative assistant and quickly worked my way to Project Manager, overseeing a comprehensive restoration project including guest rooms, public areas, ballrooms, and restaurants. It was such a wonderful place to work – always something going on, lots of excitement, and I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I had the privilege of working with some of the most amazingly talented professionals who taught me so much about the industry and who have truly molded me into the professional that I am today. The Waldorf is also where my husband proposed to me, so I will always look fondly back on my time there. I eventually moved on to The I-Grace Company, organizing and directing construction projects and maintenance of high-end residential buildings in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and got the chance to work on some really spectacular high-end homes. From there I worked to TAG Consultants where I continued to work as a Project Manager and managed the renovation project at the Paramount Hotel in Midtown NY.  Again, working with a great group of people!  I always had such great talent around me – and I learned a lot from them all!

Ready to work.

It’s funny because growing up I always wanted to be an interior designer or a wedding planner. I got a bit of experience in NYC with the design aspect and today I find myself in the beautiful and creative world of wedding planning!  Funny how life led me to both! I’ve really enjoyed working on the Waterlily Weddings team:  learning more and more about Ireland has let me get to know even more about my husband’s culture,  I get to be creative and put  my strong organizational skills to good use, and be rewarded with seeing the wedding day come together and the boy in the couple as their vision for their dream wedding day comes to life!

Quality customer service, excellence in organizational skills, and details-oriented execution style are what I bring to Waterlily Weddings. In addition, attention to the most minute of details and a passion for perfection, I’m ready to work hard for our clients and give them the gift of a stress-free wedding day and making their dreams come true!

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I Love To Celebrate: Christmas, Christmas, Christmas — the most wonderful time of the year! And now that I’m a mom almost every holiday on the calendar is celebrated in this house!

Pick A Poison: Deep Eddie’s Grapefruit Vodka

Music:  favorite band of all time — Guns N Roses (“November Rain hands down favorite song); club / dance — can’t work out with out!

Cultural Quirks: Sunday pasta family lunch after Sunday mass….and yes, it’s homemade sauce!

I Love To Wear: jeans, boots, and scarves!

I Cannot Say No To: wine and cheese; Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream

What Makes Me Laugh: my kids and my husband — I actually call him “Mr. Cuckles” because he makes me chuckle all the time;  agree with Michelle — Jack from Will & Grace is hilarious but I can’t get enough of Karen!

Game of Thrones Character You’re Most Like: Arya Stark

Just For Sport: baseball, football, lacrosse — 2 of my 3 kids have a “Yankee” middle name: Mattingly and Nettles

Favorite Place In Ireland: Kilruddery House & Gardens

A Pet Peeve: a messy house — my kids call me Danny Tanner from Full House…

First Thing I Do In The Morning: have a cup of coffee

Theme Song For My Life: “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston…. mom, wife, sister, planner, aunt, friend, volunteer….

Place I Want To Visit I Haven’t Been To Yet: Iceland!!!!! And within the US – Lake Tahoe

Currently Binge-watching: HGTV

One Thing You’re Glad You Tried But Won’t Again: parasailing over the Adriatic — let’s just say I didn’t end up in the boat when landing…

Finish This Sentence:  “Hello, ….. is it me you’re looking for?

Favorite Way To Relax: walk on the beach or a glass of wine in front of a warm blazing fire, or depending on the type of day I’e had — a run!

Biggest Risk I Ever Took: marrying an Irish boy! 😉

Last Thing You Do At Night: pray


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