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coordinator & senior adviser

social butterfly. believer in destiny. creative genius.


The beginning of a partnership.

It all started almost 20 years ago. Michelle and I sat next to each other in a marketing lecture at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology), where we became fast friends. Over the years, as Michelle began building the business, the time came to expand and open a Dublin office, she invited me to take a key role and I was so thrilled! I get to work alongside one of my best friends while planning the ultimate in lifetimes events — weddings — all in my beautiful home country of Ireland! Living the dream stuff, hey!

Forever A Dubliner.

I was born in Dublin and I am still based here, operating out of our Waterlily Weddings Dublin office. I spent most of my childhood exploring the hills of Donegal (northwestern Ireland) and the other beautiful regions of the island. I am so excited to share my knowledge and passion for my beautiful home country with our clients, and help them discover the perfect, beautiful place to host their dream destination wedding in Ireland!

What makes you the best planner?

With over 15 years of corporate event experience in both the Irish hospitality and Beauty industries, I bring my passion for creativity and a near-obsession for attention to detail to Waterlily Weddings. I am organized and extremely knowledgeable about our history and traditions. My role in Waterlily Weddings allows me to travel to the four corners of Ireland. This enables me to keep in face-to-face contact with all of our approved wedding venues and suppliers, ensuring top quality for our clients.  I am on the constant look out for new venues, artists, suppliers, and talent to work with in order to craft bespoke wedding experiences for our clients.  And I am excited to get to work on your dream wedding in beautiful Ireland!

more about me

I Cannot Say No To: chocolate – in any form!

People Would Be Surprised To Know About You: That I won an All Ireland medal for Judo in my teens.

What’s Your Poison: I have developed a fondness for a Gin Buck – gin and ginger yum!

Place I Want To Visit (I haven’t been to yet): no excuses here, I simply have to visit Edinburgh this year!

A Pet Peeve: oh there are loads, but food left in the sink gets me every-time, it’s just wrong !!

I Love To Celebrate: Christmas, this is rather a new thing for me I use to wondered what all the fuss was about but now I’m enjoying Christmas more and more every year !! Kids will do that to you!

Countries I’ve Lived In: US, Canada, Ireland.

What Makes Me Laugh:  really good chic flicks; Graham Norton; my twin boys!!

Favorite Place in Ireland: it has to be Donegal! I spent summers there as a child and love bringing my family there now!!

Currently Binge-Watching: difficult choice there are so many good options lately – one that stands out though is Mind Hunter – it’s so good!

Favorite Accessory: my Michael Kors bracelet, last years birthday present from my hubby 😀

One Thing You Haven’t Done Yet In Life You Want To Try: a safari – it’s on the bucket list!

Most Disgusting Thin You Ever Tasted: coriander — it should simply not be for human consumption!

Favorite Designer: Alice Temperley

How You Relax: A stroll along Clontarf seafront in Dublin. It’s good for the Soul and clears the head!

Best holiday: my American road trip — Vegas, LA and San Francisco — got engaged on that one so I’m totally biased

Cultural Quirks – obsession with weather!! It’s the Planner in me but I feel I need to be ready for the 4 seasons in one day weather we get here in Ireland. God forbid I get caught without an umbrella!


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