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Introduction to Waterlily.

I met Michelle and Sile in 2013 while my husband and I were planning our ten year wedding anniversary celebration. While honeymooning in Ireland back in 2004, we vowed to come back ten years later with our children and best friends and share with them the glorious and mystical place that we fell in love with on our visit. After a stunning vow renewal ceremony at the Uragh stone circle in Kenmare followed by a legendary party at Sheen Falls, Michelle and I remained good friends. I found myself missing Ireland terribly, living vicariously through the amazing and romantic Irish weddings the ladies planned and posted online. Meanwhile, Michelle enjoyed my writing. I was thrilled when she asked me to come on board and write for Waterlily Weddings. While writing posts on the latest trends and sharing our incredible weddings and elopements, I also found I served a niche for clients: tying together details for their wedding day like picking the perfect color palette for their venue, adding the right accessory for the table setting, figuring the exact table linen color to offset the room. My Gemini heart is thrilled to serve Waterlily Weddings now as both writer and stylist!

My Story.

I grew up in Los Angeles and now live in Seattle, USA. I married the love of my life — a half Spanish-Colombian/Italian Scots-Irish lad — and together we have three amazing kids (two girls, boy in the middle), and four Jack Russell terriers (all with Irish names). My family immigrated from Europe and I was the first in my family to be born in America, and the first to graduate college. The diploma says I’m a lawyer, but my heart and soul have always said I’m a writer. I play classical piano, sing, love to cook and entertain, and do the occasional craft when highly motivated. I’m a historian and amateur genealogist and really love sharing our family traditions and history with people. I wear black and listen to rock n roll,  love everything vintage,  and collect antique tea cups.   When I’m not planning and writing about amazing weddings in Ireland, I’m team manager for my son’s soccer team and teach and perform traditional Greek folk dancing. I can also take a wicked selfie.

What I Bring.

Just like a musician can translate a composer’s music through playing an instrument, I do so through writing and conceptualizing. I love Irish history and traditions (in particular ancient Ireland) and love the challenge of translating them into modern-day weddings. I’ve been planning parties since I was 8 years old and really love focusing on the little details that tie in the whole celebration together.  I know the importance of having every detail attended to and being OCD about how menus are laid out, but I also know the most important part is the vibe and atmosphere of a celebration: everyone came to have FUN and the weddings I help design and style keep that ultimately in mind.  I have an eye for detail, color tone, and textures which helps me conceptualize a truly bespoke wedding day for clients. I’m in love with the adventurous side of Ireland: the nooks and hidden places where no one goes that require boots to get there for the perfect pictures. When a couple says “I want something unforgettable and not ordinary,” I know exactly what they’re talking about.

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What Makes Me Laugh:  my husband & kids, Jimmy Fallon, Sebastian Maniscalco

I Cannot Say No To:  chocolate and ice cream

I Love To Celebrate: Halloween (PS I want to plan a Halloween / Samhain themed wedding so badly… if you’re interested hit me up!!!!!!) 

Just For Sport:  soccer, skiing, hockey, and obstacle races like the Spartan 

Pick A Poison:  champagne cocktails or a good whiskey … some days require both! 

Music:  rock (everything – classic, glam, punk, industrial, alternative), Motown, Bear McCreary gets me through writer’s block 

I Love To Wear:  obnoxiously high heels and footed pajamas (yes I’ve worn them at the same time and yes, it was spectacular) 

You Might Not Know: I have 3 tattoos and they’re all ancient symbols; I’m an expert on Dracula and vampire lore 

Cultural Quirks:  so I’m half Greek, and we spit on people or things for good luck (but you have to spit in 3’s!) and we cross ourselves when we hear something horrible or shocking to help avoid the mati (evil eye) … just like the movie

One Thing You Are Glad You Tried But Won’t Again:  geoduck — just google it 

Game of Thrones Character You’re Most Like: a cross between Daenerys and Jon Snow (honestly) 

Finish This Sentence:  “Hello,  :  …… my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!” 

Favorite Way To Relax:  cross-stitching — usually funny or inappropriate things like a bunny quoting gansta rap with a pretty rainbow above him; and spending time with my family & friends

Biggest Risk I Ever Took:  ditching class and eloping with my husband to a courthouse when I was 23! 

A Pet Peeve:  when guests take pictures with their cell phones at weddings and it completely ruins the shot for photographers 

Favorite Place in Ireland: I truly love the entire island but if I had to pick….probably Kerry area


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