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founder, Waterlily Weddings LLC & lead planner

hopeless romantic. eternal optimist. planner extraordinaire.


Why do you love being a wedding planning planner?

Wow, where to start? There is no better job in the world! I get to work together with a couple, creating their dream wedding day in spectacular Ireland, and give them the gift of a beautiful memory without the hassle and stress a wedding normally brings. I love bringing their vision to life, and I take the trust they put in me very seriously. I relish the pressure to match every detail, merging traditions, translating meanings, making sure each wedding looks and sounds and even smells exactly the way each couple envisions it in their heads. There is no greater satisfaction than the honor of being there for a couple’s wedding day: being able to witness every ounce of love, knowing the sacrifices and determination that went into getting there, and being a part of creating the celebration that is honoring their journey. Once you see the smiles of the bride and groom on the day, you feel that pure love, and we often have to fight back the tears ourselves!!

How did you get here?

Growing up in County Wicklow, aptly named the “Garden of Ireland,” I spent every holiday traveling to different parts of the island and staying in some of Ireland’s best towns and villages. This gave me a lifelong appreciation of our Irish culture, traditions, history and of course, our great hospitality. And I’m thrilled to be able to share these important details with my clients, and create their perfect wedding day!

What makes you the best?  

I love translating my clients’ dreams for their wedding day to the perfect location and venue in Ireland. I encourage them to consider going off the beaten path and embracing unique Ireland, the parts that I know so well and love. I listen to my clients and work hard to create a tailored wedding day unique to their vision, personality, and spirit that will flow easily throughout the day and be classic and beautiful. Couples and their guests will experience the best in wedding professionalism: we work with award-winning, dedicated, creative, and passionate professionals who deliver world class service. This allows us to produce the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

more about me

Hometown:  Bray, Wicklow

Favorite Way To Relax:  ballet — I would do it 24/7 if I could!

Music:  oh I’m a mixed bag here — Justin Timberlake, Two Cello’s Gypsy Kings, Arundo

Favorite Irish Food / Drink:  Kerrygold butter, Avoca scones, homemade jam …. DONE!

Pick A Poison:  cosmopolitans made with Dingle vodka

Just For Sport:  football, lacrosse, soccer

I Can’t Say No To:  smoked gouda, a NZ sauv blanc, first class, and Ted Baker London

You Might Not Know:  I have a tattoo and still do ballet

Cultural Quirks:  I have to say “bye bye bye” at least 10 times when ending a phone call…

Place I Want To Visit I Haven’t Been To (Yet):  Switzerland

First Think I Do In The Morning:  I try not to, but…. check Instagram for amazing wedding images

What Makes Me Laugh:  my husband and kids, Jack in Will and Grace 

I Love To Celebrate:  summer — I throw the most amazing garden parties!

Favorite Place in Ireland: Powerscourt and The Burren

One Thing You’re Glad You Tried But Won’t Do Again:  snowboarding — seriously, I’m a disaster

I Love To Wear:  Ted Baker London

Biggest Risk I Ever Took: landing in New Zealand at 22 with no job or place to live!

Finish This Sentence: “Hello — …… can you tell me where the rose Moet is please?”

A Pet Peeve:  people chewing gum

Currently Binge-Watching:  The Handmade’s Tale on hulu


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