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My road to Waterlily Weddings

Growing up I always had an appreciation for the creative arts.  I started dance training (ballet, tap, jazz) at the age of three which was a fabulous introduction to all types of music, movement, self-expression and discipline.  I never stopped performing, eventually falling in love with the theatre and getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Theatre Arts from Eastern Michigan University.  Degree hot in my hand, I booked a one-way ticket to NYC and spent the next year or so living every artist’s dream – auditioning for hours every day and working in restaurants at night to pay the rent.  Fortunately, luck came calling and I found myself performing on the Las Vegas strip in the long-running show Jubilee!  This opened the door to other opportunities and fast forward a few years, I was sailing the high seas, exploring the world by day and singing with a live band at night.  After three years, hungry for home and solid ground, I found myself back in NYC.  Eager to try my hand at something new, I accepted a job in the finance world at a hedge fund downtown.  Starting as an executive assistant and eventually a technology project manager, I learned I was capable of more than nailing dance steps and hitting high notes.  I found my inner organizer and discovered a love for spreadsheets – my perfectionist performer ways were not lost on the corporate world.  Then love came calling…I fell in love with an Irishman in NYC and long story short we moved to his hometown of Dublin a year ago.  We got married in May and I was introduced to Waterlily Weddings whom perfectly planned my wedding.  I loved the team so much I asked to join in the fun –  and lucky me, they said yes! 

What you bring to the team

My varied professional experience has been a wild ride and has prepped me well for anything thrown my way.  I’m forever finding new ways to express myself, create and explore.  I’m quick on my feet and bring a sense of humor to any situation.  The project manager in me is task oriented and highly organized.  The artist in me loves getting to know people and create something beautiful together.  As the newest member of the team, I plan to bring all these aspects along with my enthusiasm for life, passion for beautiful things and style-savvy eye to each wedding I’m lucky enough to be a part of.  

More About Me

Hometown: Grand Blanc, Michigan (now Dublin!)

Favorite Way To Relax: Ideally, on the beach with a good book! In general, Pilates, bike rides, cooking and a nice glass of wine with my hubby.

Music: Love it all – pop, showtunes, Bossa Nova, oldies, classics, Etta and Ella, Frank and Dean, Sara Bareilles

Favorite Irish Food / Drink: the butter, the milk, the pastries – seriously what was I living on before moving here?! And 99’s

Pick A Poison: Extra dirty vodka martini with ALL the olives

Just For Sport: I’m not a huge sports gal but I have started watching Rugby with my husband…I can never find the ball but still end up yelling at the TV somehow

I Can’t Say No To: a well curated cheese/charcuterie plate, anything with chocolate and peanut butter

You Might Not Know: That I lived and sang on a cruise ship for three years!

Cultural Quirks: The Midwest has stuck with me – I say hello to everyone, “pop” instead of “soda” and use my hand to show you where I’m from in Michigan

Place I Want To Visit I Haven’t Been To (Yet): Morocco – I dream of feasting on tajines, wandering the markets and bringing back suitcases of textiles and pottery!

First Thing I Do In The Morning: kiss my husband and read the news…not always in that order 😉

What Makes Me Laugh: David Sedaris – his books make me laugh so hard I’ve learned I can’t read them in public without causing a stir

I Love To Celebrate: Do I need a reason?  Life in general, my friends and family.  Hosting the ones I love and cooking a feast is my fave!

Favorite Place in Ireland: Feel like I’ve just scratched the surface but so far The Burren, Howth, Strandhill and driving the coastal roads.

One Thing You’re Glad You Tried But Won’t Do Again: A dip in the 40 foot, that kind of hypothermic shock is not for me!

I Love To Wear: Depends on my mood. I’m OBSESSED with clothing in general and can be found perusing the racks at Brown Thomas creating my dream wardrobe. Great fabrics, smart tailoring, statement jewelry and you’ve got me. And a hat…love a good hat!

Biggest Risk I Ever Took: moving to New York City at 22 to pursue my dream of performing.  I had no job, shared a studio with my brother and learned a lot about life very quickly.

Finish This Sentence: “Hello —Gorgeous”

A Pet Peeve: cracking knuckles

Currently Binge-Watching: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – SO good!


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