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Meet The Team: 25 Questions with Kim!

One of the many details that distinguishes Waterlily Weddings from other wedding planners out there is our amazing team. Not only are we so good at what we do, we’re honestly a lot of fun to work with. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, dedication to our craft, knowledge and work ethic, and also our ability to be positive and connect with our clients. 

We thougtht it’d be fun for our readers and prospective clients to get to know us a bit better! So we’ll be running a fun, casual “Meet The Team” series where we’ll deep dive into everyone’s personalities more, and even get some behind-the-scene takes on what really goes down on a wedding day! 

25 Questions with Kim

Mishy: “Kim! So excited to interview you! You know you hold a special place in my heart since working on your gorgeous wedding!!! Still one of my all time favorites. I’m biased for this interview haha. Let’s start! Where did you grow up?” 

Kim: “Grand Blanc, Michigan.” 

Mishy: “How did you come to Ireland? I know from when we first met your hubby is Irish!”

Kim: “Yes! I met my husband in New York City where we both were living back in 2015.  He convinced me to move to Dublin and I’m so happy we did.”

Mishy: “Favorite snack?” 

Kim: “Tortilla chips and guacamole.” 

Mishy: “Classic. Ok this is a good one: describe yourself in a hashtag:” 

Kim: “#alwayscurious” 

Mishy: “Love that! What’s one thing people don’t know about you?”

Kim: “I was a Las Vegas showgirl!” 

Mishy: “Love that! Ok, I think I know the answer to this next one already…. vintage or new?” 

Kim: “Vintage. Always.” 

Mishy: “Where’s a place you’d love to visit, that you’ve never been to before, and why?” 

Kim: “Beirut, Lebanon.  A large part of me is Lebanese and I still have distant family members living there.  I have fond memories of visiting my Lebanese great grandmother and tasting her incredible cooking; hummus, dolmas, kibbeh, fattoush.  I want to go see the land, the architecture, taste ALL the food and be among the people.” 

Mishy: “I love that. I have very distant relatives in Lebanon as well. I’ve never been and always wanted to go. Literally the best, warmest people. I’m thinking girls trip!” 

Kim: “Haha let’s do it!” 

Mishy: “Ok, who’s your style icon?” 

Kim: “Cate Blanchett — she never misses.” 

Mishy: “Love her. Great actress too! Oh, I love this next question: what’s inspiring in your life right now?” 

Kim: “My two sons, Sebastian and Alexander. I love watching them take the world in, the little moments of discovery…bubbles, airplanes, dandelions…everything excites and ignites them and it’s a gorgeous reminder to slow down and look up.”

Mishy: “What’s your spirit animal?” 

Kim: “Probably a golden retriever; love to be outside, trustworthy, be around people and play.” 

Mishy: “Least favorite color?” 

Kim: “Brown.” 

Mishy: “Ok that’s funny, because I usually hate brown. But I’m personally having an earth tones moment and I’m learning to live and love some browns. I’m not sure how long it will last though haha. Ok, this is an extremely important question: coffee or tea.” 

Kim: “COFFEE.” 

Mishy: “What song could you listen to on repeat?” 

Kim: “Anything by Ella Fitzgerald.” 

Mishy: “What’s a skill you’re currently working on mastering?” 

Kim: “Gardening!” 

Mishy: “Favorite season of the year?” 

Kim: “I love spring and autumn equally.” 

Mishy: “How do you decompress and relax?” 

Kim: “Yoga and pilates, being outside, reading, wine, a good chat, TV or film I can get lost in.” 

Mishy: “Favorite piece of jewlery or clothing you own?” 

Kim: “My wedding rings – I know it sounds cheesy but they are just very me.” 

Mishy: “What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life to date?” 

Kim: “Probably moving to NYC right out of college to become a performer.  One bold leap that set me on a path of discovery and getting out of my comfort zone.” 

Mishy: “What’s your secret talent?” 

Kim: “I make a mean roast chicken.” 

Mishy: “I’m coming over for dinner! Ok now to wedding stuff! How did you become a wedding planner?!” 

Kim: “I have worked a variety of jobs but a bulk of my work was in restaurants and project management – you get really good at spinning plates and working under pressure which, I think, suits wedding planners well.  I discovered Waterlily Weddings upon moving to Ireland and seeking help to plan my own wedding in 2019. The rest is history!” 

Mishy: “What’s the best part of your job?” 

Kim: “The best part of my job is the energy when I’m onsite for a wedding…seeing all the work pay off for a beautiful day.  I love all the emotions in the room; the little moments between the brides and her bridesmaids, the giggles, the tears, the first looks with fathers and husbands (they always undo me).  There are just so many emotions packed into the day and it’s a beautiful privilege to witness.” 

Mishy: “What do you find challenging about being a planner or in the wedding industry in general?” 

Kim: ” I wish all venues provided industrial strength steamers!  A travel steamer just doesn’t cut it for wedding gowns!” 

Mishy: “Anything you’d like to see change in the wedding industry?” 

Kim: “As small businesses, we don’t have the luxury of large admin teams so it’s difficult to be onsite for weddings and also keep on top of emails.  I wish I could wave a magic wand that would allow all vendors more time to respond so they don’t miss out on opportunities.” 

Mishy: “It’s a double-edged sword, right? Small business tends to give lots of great tailored support and vendors are more keen on creating custom and detailed to each client. But the admin part takes so much time…. many people forget that part! Ok, thinking back on weddings…. what’s a favorite wedding day moment that stands out for you (other than your own!)?” 

Kim: “Last year, during a drinks reception, a number of wedding guests started Irish dancing along to the live musicians.  It totally blew me away and really set the tone for the rest of the evening.”

Mishy: “Finally, any advice for couples who are planning or thinking about having a wedding in Ireland?” 

Kim: “I think there’s a feeling that Ireland, being smaller is lacking talent, so couples feel they need to bring artists over from the States which is unnecessary, AND expensive!  I am constantly blown away by the amount of talent here and we are always discovering more artists. So please use our expertise and trust we can find incredible vendors for your day!” 

Mishy: “Right?! So true!!!! Honestly I’ve seen better work from many vendors and photographers that are Ireland-based over much I’ve seen in American based weddings! That’s so true. I agree — I encourage clients to consider some of the talent we have in Ireland first before adding in other vendors that are US based!  Thank you Kim for taking some time to chat with us!! We look forward to sharing more gorgeous weddings you planned with our readers in coming months!!!” 


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